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About the Diocese of Northampton

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Northampton, in southern England, consists of “the counties of Bedford, Buckingham and Northampton, and that part of Berkshire (formerly in Buckinghamshire ) that lies to the North of the River Thames”. (This last part means the town of Slough.)
It serves an area with a total population of just over 2 million people,and while it has no really huge cities, it is a fast-expanding part of the country, led by growth towns like Milton Keynes and Northampton. From the regenerating former steeltown of Corby in the north to the affluent metropolitan suburbia of South Bucks, it takes in a range of rural and urban environments.

Graphic depicting rough map of the diocese The Diocese has 72 principal parishes and another 50 "Mass centres" - places where Mass is celebrated in smaller churches, chapels and chaplaincies. There are also 41 Catholic schools at infants/primary level, and 8 at secondary/upper level.

Many of its towns have recently attracted migrant Catholics from Poland and Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Phillipines, who have contributed much vitality in many parishes.

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