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Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have questions about the parish, the Catholic faith and much more. This FAQ is intended ot help answer some of the more common quesetions you may have.

Please feel free to contact us if you feel there is a question we should be including here.

I am a Catholic, but have been away from the church for a long time. I've forgotten so much, where do I start?

First, welcome back. The RCIA is a good starting place. Make yourself known to the Parish Priest Fr Bernard or contact the Parish Office.

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What Parish Courses do you provide?

We have a number of parish courses on offer, some currently running, and others that will take place at a later date. See Parish Courses for more.

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When is the next healing mass?

You can find information on the next healing mass here.

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I'm going into MK hospital - do I ring the parish priest?

No - Fr Allan visits the hospital on Fridays and a lay team brings Communion on Sundays. So please call the Chaplaincy team (not Fr Allan or the parish priest ) on 01908 996061 for Communion. Before you go into the hospital though, please do think about receiving the Sacrament of the Sick. You can do that by contacting the Parish Office.

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How do I arrange for a Mass to be said?

To have Mass offered, fill out a request form (can be found in the porch of both churches) and hand it, with your money for the stipend, to the office at St Mary’s, or put it in an envelope, clearly marked, in the collection basket & it will be taken to the office. Your Mass will be listed on page 1 of the newsletter on the week it will be said, showing which Church it will be said at. Mass cards cost 60p - please include money for a second class stamp (54p) if you need it posted to you.

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Where can I find information on helping someone faced with the prospect of death?

The Catholic Church has an interest in helping those faced with the prospect of death and dying. A new website Art of dying well has been launched by the Bishops’ Conference Department for Christian Citizenship and Responsibility. Please do take a look at this website - it is a great pastoral resource for us all.

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