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Fr Bernard Videos

Latest Video - 3rd September 2020
Please see the latest video from Fr Bernard, outlining the plans to celebrate Mass inside our Churches and asking for more parishioners to volunteer as Stewards & Cleaners:
Latest video from Fr Bernard

Previous videos from Fr Bernard

Video 3 - 14th July 2020
This video discusses the issues surrounding moving from Private Prayer to Mass in our Churches:
Third video from Fr Bernard- Reflections on steps 2 & 3.

Video 2 - June 14th 2020
As promised, Fr Bernard has recorded another video, outlining what we need to do now in order to re-open our Churches for private prayer. We will need your help, so please see the link below:
Second video from Fr Bernard- Call for Help.

Video 1 - June 6th 2020
Fr Bernard would like to share a message with all parishioners now that he has recovered from a serious illness.
First Video from Fr Bernard