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Fr Bernard Videos

Parish YouTube Channel

The Lockdown Chronicles are now available on our Parish Youtube channel.

Previous videos from Fr Bernard

3rd September 2020
This video outlines the plans to celebrate Mass inside our Churches and asking for more parishioners to volunteer as Stewards & Cleaners:
Latest video from Fr Bernard
Video 3 - 14th July 2020
This video discusses the issues surrounding moving from Private Prayer to Mass in our Churches:
Third video from Fr Bernard- Reflections on steps 2 & 3.

Video 2 - June 14th 2020
As promised, Fr Bernard has recorded another video, outlining what we need to do now in order to re-open our Churches for private prayer. We will need your help, so please see the link below:
Second video from Fr Bernard- Call for Help.

Video 1 - June 6th 2020
Fr Bernard would like to share a message with all parishioners now that he has recovered from a serious illness.
First Video from Fr Bernard