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Call for more Stewards & Cleaners

This is a call for additional Stewards and Cleaners for St Francis de Sales and St Mary Magdalene Churches. Please note that the restriction on those aged over 70 years has been removed.

To volunteer as a Steward please complete this form or as a Cleaner please complete this form. If you have already registered to volunteer, you do not need to do so again. The quicker we can recruit more volunteers, the quicker we shall be able to move towards having regular Masses in both Churches.

Full training and necessary equipment will be provided for both roles, as shown below.

Stewards will be trained in what they need to do – ensuring that all those visiting the Church wear a face mask, sanitise their hands on entering and leaving the Churches and maintain social distancing at all times.
If you volunteer as a Steward, you need to feel confident about approaching people to ensure that they follow the guidelines set in place by the Catholic Church and by the UK government.

Cleaners will be trained in what they need to do and the necessary cleaning materials will be provided.

Please Note
We are particularly in need of additional Stewards for St Mary Magdalene. All volunteers are warmly welcomed.